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The Scott Brothers were interested in becoming professional actors long before they launched their first HGTV show.Drew sprung the big question in Toronto's Piano Piano restaurant on December 16th, 2016. Neither Jonathan, Drew, or big brother, JD have made a public statement about their own particular religious affiliation.Property Brothers premiered in 2011, and entered it's sixth season in November 2016. We must admit, his answers hit the swoon button so we had Jonathan and his equally date-worthy twin brother Drew Scott come back for another round. (Shockingly, “are you single” seems to be a question that comes up often for Jonathan and Drew!) “It’s great for me, because we work all over the place, and my girlfriend travels around with us,” he told Canada’s last fall.“Property Brothers” star Jonathan Scott has long been quiet about his past divorce, but now that he is in a serious relationship, the HGTV celeb is ready to speak out. so it wasn’t something that naturally happened.” He said he learned a lot from his divorce. And it really helped me understand what I wanted in a relationship.” Scott, 38, is now happily dating Jacinta Kuznetsov, 28.Scott revealed to People Magazine that he married an airline-crew scheduler named Kelsey back in 2007, but the marriage crumbled after just two years. 'PROPERTY BROTHERS' DISH ON FINDING LOVE “I think that one of the biggest things I learned is that you can have two good people who are just not good for each other.” Scott said his breakup has allowed him to advise his friends “who are having difficult situations.” He revealed to People he moved from Canada to Las Vegas when he got married, but the pair quickly realized the union wasn’t working out. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS “I don’t think I would be in the position where I am now if I didn’t have the experiences I’ve had the past,” he told People.

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know, Jonathan and Drew Scott are jacks of all trades who can hold their own while buying real estate, doing home improvements and hosting a television show. The brothers seem to be total overachievers who bought their first home at 18, operate their own production group and even appeared alongside a young Ryan Gosling on a Canadian teen drama!

When Linda moved into their home, Jonathan remained on as a housemate.

It was a convenient arrangement for the busy brothers, even though it may have struck some people as an odd set-up.'People were always like, "Isn't that weird? 'It's nice and really convenient to be able to have meetings with the people you live with.' Now, Jacinta and Jonathan are in Toronto, while Drew and Linda purchased a spot in Los Angeles.

Jonathan Scott / @Mr Silver Scott: Bora Bora is the most romantic place I have ever vacationed. You should be the next Batman.‬ I'll totally watch that ;)I would be all over GIPHYWhat is your number one deal breaker?

Depends who I'm with :)Have you & your brother ever dated twins?