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Here's how to get digital sound out of those Div Xes and into your amplifier using just a standard phono cable.How to play AC3 5.1 Digital Audio on a standard EPIA Tobias Faust sent us these helpful diagrams - one for an IR receiver that connects to the EPIA 800 serial port, and another showing how to connect an EPIA to a standard SCART Socket. based in Taipei, Taiwan has been manufacturing and assembling PC cases and server housings since 1987.I think it has to do with an unknown device that has cropped up in the device manager, and it seems that when I uninstall it within safe mode and restart into windows normally, the mouse and kb work fine.BUT when I look in device manager in windows the same unknown device is still there. Furthermore I dont know what it is; I cant see a DEV or VEN code. I know it has to to with this unknown device because through uninstalling it ive gotten the mouse & kb to work.I know this may sound like many of the other posts about this problem, but I think Ive isolated the problem.I recently bought a new custom computer with windows 7 pro.You can use the error code to find out the reason your computer will not work.

Ive spent hours looking at solutions, and I can assure you no bios altering is needed regarding USB configuration etc...

1) Cut a 15cm piece of wire 2) Wind wire round the motherboard screw nearest the PS2 connector, then re-tighten the screw 3) Wind the other end round the screw that attaches the Slimline CD bay to the case, then re-tighten The REALmagic Xcard from Sigma Designs is a good way of playing back Div X and DVD content on an earlier EPIA.

Their original shortcoming has been fixed - the latest driver now supports Div X 3content.

The fix is simple and painless, achievable with just a piece of wire and a screwdriver.

Make sure your computer is unplugged from the mains when you do this.