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Officers speed by in “small gray motor cars.” If one of these cars travels especially fast, Henry speculates, it is probably carrying the king, who makes trips out to assess the battle almost every day.

At the start of the winter, a cholera epidemic sweeps through the army and kills seven thousand soldiers.

Lucy opted for a more laid-back style and highlighted her enviably toned physique in a skintight striped dress that grazed the tops of her thighs.

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Spurred by their contempt for religion, the men taunt the military priest, baiting him with crude innuendos about his sexuality.While the pair have kept their romance relatively low-key over the past few months, it seems they are finally ready to publicly flaunt their relationship as they graced the high-profile Britain sporting event.Henry - who frequently makes best dressed lists - offset the formal combination with a pinstriped shirt and clashing yellow polka dot tie.Henry Blofeld stands on the threshold of his Chelsea home extending the sort of welcome he might give the Archbishop of Canterbury. ” To the tribe of hairy‑legged gardeners who shortly come clomping through his antique‑laden sitting room with saws and lopping tools, he mutters: “Lovely! Valeria, he says protectively in her absence, is “getting on a bit, too, but looks about 33” (she is 69) and is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. “I’m all for good and solid fierce aggression,” he says, “but sledging is dreadful.” He cites the Australian captain, Michael Clarke, as an offender in the recent Test. For the photographer, he reserves his signature greeting: “My dear old thing! “I am just going to do one rather rude thing,” he says, apologising for glancing at his post. Were the fondness between them not so obvious, this would seem like a dreadful lapse of chivalry. Darling, you look gorgeous in anything.” Blowers is 74, the survivor of several health catastrophes and two previous marriages, the first of which produced a daughter, Suki, now 49. He deplores the way fielders crowd round the batsman appealing for dubious catches.