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Remember the posts on “dating dancers” here on Tights and Tiaras?

On the other hand, we have a good “balance” in leaving the job in the theatre when we go home.

”“Well…” Liam crossed his legs, leaning his elbow on the armrest of the couch and his chin on his fist. Y'know, after my long day.”“Oh…” Walking up to Liam with a little more swing in his hips that totally necessary, Niall leaned his hands on the brunette’s thighs. “I’m a dancer,” Niall replied, scrolling through his music library.

“You don’t expect me to dance without a beat, do you? Once Niall had some slow, jazzy swing playing, he sauntered to the middle of the room.

Never dance when you are too tired to know whether you are adhering to principles 1. Chubby Checker lost pounds by demonstrating how to move as if you were 'drying your back with a towel' - the substitution of the word 'back' for 'bottom' indicates the oddly wholesome image of the Twist.

Never try to turn on a foot on which you are not standing, and 3.