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Genetic evidence suggests the 2 American species of flying squirrels diverged from each other early during the Pleistocene between 1-2 million years ago when Ice Ages began to become more severe.

Boreal spruce forests expanded during Ice Ages, growing as far south as middle Georgia and Alabama.

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In the middle south spruce forests grew in higher elevations while deciduous oak forests still occurred in adjacent lower elevation.

Oak forests are rich in mast such as acorns and nuts, but spruce forests offer less food for squirrels–seeds from spruce cones are only available for 2 months of the year.

However, underground fungi, also known as truffles, are available year round in spruce forests.

For most species of squirrels, fungi is a minor component of their diet, but truffles and other fungi make up 85% of the northern flying squirrel’s diet whereas southern flying squirrels eat more acorns, nuts, berries, and animal matter.