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This is sad, but so detailed that one has to respect the subtle, albeit dark little nugget of humor.

After being trapped in a blizzard, Sulley and Mike are saved by a Yeti who offers them shelter and snow cones.

Why the same sweaty man smells sweet like vanilla to one person and repellent like urine to another comes down to the smeller's genes.

Up to one-third of adult humans cannot perceive an odor in a component of male body odor that induces physiological responses in both men and women.

My 7 year old, who does not spook easily, had nightmares from the movie, so the warnings in the review were a little understated.

There is a truck driver whose eyes pop out of her head - a moment that was scary to ages 7, 10, and parents.

After reading the review on, it seemed like it was something our family might enjoy., and while you may remember a beloved story featuring James P."Sulley" Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, there's actually more to it than you can recall.To those who do, androstenone either takes on a pleasant sweet odor or a repulsive urine-like one.New research traces this variability to mutations in a single odorant receptor gene, a finding that raises questions of how people detect other people's body odor.