Photographer for online dating

If you need some help, Look Better will set you up with a professional photographer in your hometown." Click here for the article online Article discussing online dating photos "Bill Logue went to Look Better after a potential online date didn't believe his original dating profile photo." "The Hollywood film editor says he hopes this certified profile photo "will make women feel more at ease.

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To answer your question I would say that after the first 15 minutes most clients start to relax and really enjoy themselves.

Is it challenging to coax clients out of their shell or do you find most people’s walls come down pretty quickly?

I always try and meet my clients for a coffee before the day or at the very least just before the shoot so that we have a chance to get to know each other without a big camera coming between us.

First off thanks for giving up some of your time to talk about what you do and the opportunity to showcase your work.

We love that your online dating portrait photos are able to convey so much about each individual, from their personality and attitude to their style and posture.