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He’s going to be thinking about you all day, and when the night arrives, he’ll have his wicked way with you for making his day that hard, quite literally! If you send your man naughty text messages every day, then he might not get as aroused.

A much better strategy would be to indulge in this sparingly, so that the unpredictability factor remains.

One of the girls, graceful and dark-haired, stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and began to contentedly pat her young breasts dry. Instead of stroking, flattering, pleading, he would issue a command, issue it abruptly, unexpectedly, softly yet firmly and authoritatively, and at a distance: at such moments he never touched the woman he was addressing. Naughty text messages are the sure shot way of getting him hot and bothered even without you being there. All you have to do is send a naughty text and then let the fun flow.When someone says “Talk dirty to me baby…” in the bedroom the hopefully-soon-to-be dirty talker instantly freezes like a soaking wet roll of toilet paper being thrown out of an igloo in Antartica. Alas, this is what people call it so I have to meet society where it’s currently at. Dirty talk, just like sex itself, is something that needs to be calibrated to the individual that is hearing the dirty talk from their partner.