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Chat I feel chat is a very integral part of online Discourse, especially for smaller communities.

Discourse has a pretty sweet message bus that would make implementing this a breeze.

Plugins allow the user to add a variety of extras, including image galleries, spam filters, social networking links and chat rooms.

There are many chat room service plugins available in Word Press that enable a blog's users to communicate through an online text chat.

Click the chat option which is usually on the bottom right of the website and start chatting with senior webmasters or support technicians.

Here you can find free Word Press chat plugins as well as premium codecanyon plugins which are not avoidable.

These live chat Word Press plugins will appear on the website wherever you want them to show.

Yesterday, a pretty cool plugin was brought to our attention.

Normally when communities want to hold chats, they use Twitter.

I could use some pointers on how to get an ajax module to read in a plugins configuration settings without much overhead.

I did some tricks to pass info but I was pretty limited in what I could do with ajax.