Who is larry fitzgerald dating

But it is Minnesota – where the Cardinals visit this weekend for a game against the Vikings – that molded Fitzgerald, that provides seclusion, that gives him a chance to be not Fitzgerald the star but Fitzgerald the long-time friend and family member.

That has become less a problem since the team moved out of Sun Devil Stadium, but it's a local insecurity: Phoenix is a land of ex-pats, many of whom already have their own favorite team already.“This,” Fitzgerald said during one such afternoon this summer, “is the calm before the storm for me.” Fitzgerald spends more time in Arizona at this point in his life.He is a Cardinal, and he loves the idea, as shown by signing two contract extensions thus far, of remaining a Cardinal for the duration of his NFL career."Look at my toenails," the Cardinals longtime wide receiver said, pointing to each of his big toes. I showed it to him and I said, 'This will be your worst nightmare if I had this on the sideline.' " Arians thinks the tablets are bad for the NFL for another reason. "You spend six hours on a blitz on Tuesday and he can watch it."I'm telling you, they both fall off every January. And (normally) he don't get to watch it 'til Monday.