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Name: Jerika Dlha Roven, SVV1, V-rated, Siegerin in Turkey SIRE: Pass Dlha Roven, SVV1, V-rated,”a”(Ory vom Haus Erlebach x Cula Dlha Roven) DAM: Marit Dlha Roven, SVV1, V-rated (Zeppo v.Klebinger Schloss x Ydette vd Wienerau We have bred Jerika and are importing her for our breeding program.Our company offers Protection dogs, Guard dogs, Security dogs, trained dogs for sale.

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They will be fully trained in obedience and protection, and will be ready to go home with you between 12 - 15 months of age.

For males, (depending on the level of training and the dog) the prices start at ,000 and go to ,500.

Check out see available dogs in training, or are about to begin their training program.

Our German Shepherd puppies are among the best in the world, with MULTIPLE world champions in their blood line, some being world champions multiple times.