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Skating superstar Tessa Virtue is back on the ice with partner Scott Moir, working towards the 2018 Olympics in North Korea.For the busy Virtue, it’s all about keeping a balance, both on and off the ice.“I can get really focused on certain things that I want, and sometimes that can send me into an all-consuming, unhealthy place,”; the 27-year-old ice dancer tells Best Health magazine.A self-admitted workaholic, Virtue doesn’t have far to look when it comes to getting that simple reminder to find balance in her day-to-day.”; Virtue also talks about her role model in life: “I love working, so I’ll fill my days and just work, work, work.

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Though it was just a minor mistake, the packed house at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga let out a collective gasp, which threw the normally unflappable Moir for a loop. (I was thinking), did Tessa cut open (her leg) or something?But now that Virtue and Moir are back skating competitively following a two-year hiatus, the popular ice dance team have to get used to audiences reacting to what they do on the ice, good or bad.The Montreal-based team also has to get used to just how much tougher their event has become since they left following the 2014 Sochi Olympics.This is my first post so let me know if I'm doing this right(I have no idea how to post) and let me know if you like my story and think I should continue. Without further ado here are the first 2 chapters plus part of chapter 3! I've been obsessed with Tessa and Scott since they decided to make a comeback and I started watching their old performances and interviews and saw how special their connection/relationship is, and I've had this idea in my head for a while so as soon as I found this community who is as obsessed with them as I am I decided to write it down and share it with the world. I can't recall the title but it was about tessa and scott after their ET Canaca interview after Sochi and how tessa was Scott's first kiss.They were standing in a hotel hallway discussing a last first kiss.