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I have never played the mahogany/poplar 3-ply Ludwig shells.I have a set of Ludwig Legacy Classics with the maple / poplar 3-ply and was just wondering how different the WFL drums would be.Driven by passion for the drum industry, brothers William F.

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There is a '58 set for sale relatively close to where I live - not original wraps but the hardware is original and appears to be in exceptionally good shape.This might sound backwards to some people but I always thought my kit was louder than the Classic maples Ludwig makes today. We grow old because we stop playing." "I wish that my playing reminded people of Steve Gadd.But they seem to confuse me with his little known cousin... I didn't think there would be a great difference, and as you said - you wouldn't most likely notice in a band setting.From what I have read, the mahogany shells might sound warmer than the maple versions, but may project a little less. I owned a 1973 Ludwig kit that still had the mahogany/poplar/mahogany 3-ply structure in the traditional floor tom and the two bass drums. The rack toms were concert toms and I could not swear they were built the same although they did have a mahogany finish.But, more to the point, - would the difference in sound actually be significant or minor? If I recall, the maple was introduced by this time but completely took over a few years later.