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(It's a= maestro3 chipset, using the alsa driver) [] Action: taaz screams [] it builds fine, make install causes everything to relink, = they use but libtool only converts that to -lgst with no -L../.= ./gst/(or rpath maybe? it still segfaults ;-( [] johnix ([email protected]) left #gstreamer (Client Exiting). why does GST_AUDIO_INT_PAD_TEMPLATE_PROPS have a= n embedded ) ? [] Action: Uraeus begs omega_ to try to make a solution for taking s= creenshots at least while pause is on [] um, the event system is not yet 50% done [] Zeenix ([email protected]) left irc: Leaving [] Action: Uraeus just can't get over how well gstmediaplay now work= s [] Action: Uraeus does rm -rf MPlayer [] omega_: sure, but for me it is a really fundamental mome= nt when something goes from having potential to being actually useable, a= nd that was the experience I had today :) [] thomas_ ([email protected]) join= ed #gstreamer. [] Zeenix: you must attempt to figure out what's wrong with it..... [] Nick change: omega_ - omega_ [] thomas_ ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. [] I've written demos doing realtime generated graphics syncd to realtime mixed audio done in two diff threads without any realtime priority and the syncing was accurate enough to not notice any randomness in the scheduling [] you'd be surprised how much of your hardware is capable of so much more than it is used for, even in linux (in fact, particularly in linux) its impressive that linux systems perform relatively well even with such hacked drivers . at least, that's why i have these water marks, to play with switching between like 30p to 60p to 24p and different algoritms depending on how much we're sucking currently [] g'night. [] thv ([email protected]) left irc: Ping timeout for thv[fi] [] jerwin ([email protected]) left irc: [x]chat [] steveb ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. PLU.edu]: EOF from client [] wtay-z Zz ([email protected]) got netsplit. [] thomasvs__ ([email protected]) left irc: Ping timeout for thomasvs__[u195-95-85-147.pop-gent7.planetinternet.be] [] Apoc_ ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. [] steveb ([email protected]) left irc: Ping timeout for steveb[node1ee06.a2000.nl] [] steveb ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. I've got a book on it that I've briefly looked into. But if you could make a spec file even with hacks for now that should be fine. [] Uraeus: a lot of people think that i am inspired with that old Xenix from M$, i wanted to clarify [] Chief Highwater ([email protected]) left irc: Read error to Chief Highwater[temple-baptist.com]: Connection reset by peer [] wtay: I solved my problem with the audio and video sinks a different way.

) so it can't find -lgst and the .0.0.0 is re= named .0.0.0U and everything is then broken [] Shrimp X ([email protected]) left irc: rebooting [] ajmitch [] Action: dschleef wants a cookie =3D( [] brich ([email protected]) left irc: Ping timeout for b= rich[brich. [] wingozzz ([email protected]) left irc: Ping timeout fo= r wingozzz[rdu26-53-208rr.com] [] arik ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. for vob's= it's using mad pluging instead of ac3dec for the audio! [] mwc ([email protected]) left irc: [x]chat [] steveb_ ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. =3D) [] Action: omega_ sleeps now [] omega_ ([email protected]) left irc: [x]chat [] Action: Zeenix doesnt like omega to sleep, Gods dont sleep [] Nick change: ajbusy - ajmitch [] bstard ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. [] yup [] Action: chillywilly is back (gone ) [] chillywilly ([email protected]) left irc: Read error to chillywilly[d54.as27.nwbl0voyager.net]: EOF from client [] Nick change: taaz - CHW-D2 [] Shrimp X ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. [] gidigo ([email protected]) left irc: irc II EPIC4-1.0.1 -- Are we there yet? [] Zeenix ([email protected]) left irc: Ping timeout for Zeenix[psh5-125.pk] [] Zeenix ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. [] thomas_ ([email protected]) left irc: [x]chat [] asmod ([email protected]) left irc: [x]chat [] omega_ ([email protected]) left irc: Read error to omega_[omegacs.net]: Connection reset by peer [] steveb ([email protected]) left irc: advance! [] Be NOW ([email protected]) left irc: Bitch X: the new hardcore, psycho, nitro client -- in a can [] chillywilly ([email protected]) left irc: Read error to chillywilly[d151.as15.nwbl0voyager.net]: EOF from client [] jerwin ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. [] hiho [] Uraeus ([email protected]) left irc: Client Exiting [] taaz-cali ([email protected]) left irc: Ping timeout for taaz-cali[.32] [] taaz-cali ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. I had assumed you could only do gtk_socket_steal once on a window and therefore needed to keep the same video sink around.

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re-built debs from scratch and t= he LD_LIBRARY_PATH thing didn't work... [] dschleef ([email protected]) left irc: Ping timeo= ut for dschleef[c799921-a.pinol1home.com] [] ajzzzz ([email protected]) left irc: Ping timeout f= or ajzzzz[p12-max6nz] [] Parapraxis ([email protected]) left irc: Read er= ror to Parapraxis[mcut-b-153.resnet.purdue.edu]: Operation timed out [] Parapraxis ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. [] asmod ([email protected]) left irc: [x]chat [] asmod ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. [] currently it seems like keeping the old API is what's in= favour, but the jury is still out :) [] chillywilly ([email protected]) got netsplit. [] you on the other hand have a project that needs it to function, and the whole point of open-source software is that those who need the functionality are the only ones who's responsibility it is to make it work [] if you have questions about specific problems in debugging the udpsrc, I'll see if I can help, but you need to drive the process, I can't do it for you because I have other things to work on [] omega_: ok i need to go now. [] asmod ([email protected]) left irc: [x]chat [] wingo ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer. [] Action: chillywilly is away: eat [] Action: wingo backgrounds chat to delve into sources [] wingo ([email protected]) left irc: Ping timeout for wingo[rdu26-53-208rr.com] [] wingo ([email protected]) joined #gstreamer.

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Local nast chat lines totaly free with no credit card