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The following list is of living actors who played notable characters that are believed to be living (or whose status is unknown) as of Episode 29 or events described in The Secret History of Twin Peaks, but are not listed in the cast. In particular, Emmet Cooper was a last-minute addition and Mark Frost commented that actor Roger Rees would be ideal for the role.

or on the night of Eisenhower inauguration with insects and garmonbozia appearing on the presidential table when the inauguration was stopped for half an hour (though it actually was because of the broadcast of the I Love Lucy episode where she has a baby). In 2007, artist Matt Haley was tasked with the project of a Twin Peaks graphic novel that would serve as a continuation of the television series.

Truman, still broken by Josie, would drive backwards through a corn field with the One-Armed Man to go to the Lodge and rescue Cooper.

Engels wished to steer the show away from the high school setting and years later, following the resolution of Cooper's possession by BOB, Cooper was to have quit the FBI and have become Twin Peaks' local pharmacist, Truman became a recluse and stopped being sheriff, being replaced by Andy, the comatose Annie never returned, Ben gave away his money and stayed with the wheel-chaired Audrey in a convalescent home following the bank explosion, Josie is haunting the Great Northern, James is still missing.

The famous Seabiscuit-Ligaroti match race is held on August 12 and it draws 20,000 to the track and a nationwide radio audience.

After a furious duel, Seabiscuit under George (The Iceman) Woolf and 130 pounds beats Ligaroti and Noel (Spec) Richardson at 115 by a nose.

Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens will undergo hip replacement surgery before Christmas, which could put a premature end to his career.

The 53-year-old says he doesn't yet know whether he can return to...

Cheering the arrival of the "racetrack special" from Los Angeles becomes a popular tradition for the locals.

The entire cast of 217 (with a few omissions) was announced on April 25, 2016.

In December 2016, costume designer Nancy Steiner stated that there were 238 speaking roles in the new series, 21 more than previously reported. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes was conceived at a time when season 3 was in its early stages and some elements from it might have been reused.

The trainers, getting nervous and the owners are also anxious on the other side.

The betting ground is completely excited with several people around and placing bets on the horses of their choice.

Chantal sutherland mike smith no longer dating