Market dating

Taking a web marketing approach to online dating can increase your chances of falling in love online.

It is first crucial to realize that you are a brand, and just as any brands must do, you should have a clear idea of who you are.

To some, this may seem frivolous, but for a wide segment of human population dating via apps has become the norm of the day.

Men tend to find our theory mildly amusing while women find it very, very vexing. But in reality, they behave as if they were the biggest subscribers to the theory.

In fact, their takeness is some of the best evidence of being a "good one." And the odds are strongly against anyone "beating the market" by finding an unattached person to date.

Noting that single women often complain that “all the good men are taken,” the psychologists wondered if “this perception is really based on the fact that taken men are perceived as good." The scientists who conducted the study find that women are either dishonest or self-deceived when it comes to EMH dating strategies.

They deny they go after men because they are attached, claiming that was just an unimportant details. Men are worth more to women when they are attached.